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VanPort Property Inspection, llc, also performs Thermography as a method of identifying issues with a home or piece of equipment. This is at an additional cost to the client.

Thermography is the process of identifying radiant heat / cold differences in a specific area.

It adds key details from the on board visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one, undiluted thermal picture with visible light features that lets you instantly recognize where the problematic heat pattern is.

It can help you uncover missing insulation, drafts, and other hidden energy waste culprits. Find signs of invisible moisture, locate pipes in walls, and much more.

Scan equipment for hot spots signaling loose connections and overloaded circuits to keep homes, businesses, and manufacturing safely up and running.

Thermography makes it easy to spot ductwork gaps and refrigerant issues, see overheating mechanical equipment, and inspect radiant floor heating systems.

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