Getting an Eleventh Month Inspection

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getting an eleventh month inspection

Are you getting an Eleventh Month Inspection?

Getting an eleventh month inspection through VanPort Property Inspection can identify post sale issues, prior to the expiration of the warranty. This is normally offered by builders on the sale of a new home.

What is an Eleventh Month Inspection?

Home Inspections are done to help determine the conditions of a home or property.

Most Inspectors will inspect the structure, heating systems, plumbing and electrical conditions. This helps buyers make good decisions on their potential purchase plus identify any problems with the property that may need attention.

11th month inspections are done because in the United States, builders are required to provide a Warranty on the building for up to a year. Therefore, most buyers have their homes inspected before the building warranty expires normally on the eleventh month.

Eleventh month inspections will help you and your builder deal with issues that take time to develop. Similar to  buying a new pair of shoes and trying them on for fit. Then realizing that after walking around in them that they aren’t as appealing as they were in the store display.

Unfortunately if you wait for the ‘builders warranty’ to expire, then you are in no position to go back to the builder and bring to their attention issues that have arisen.

When should you get an Eleventh Month Inspection?

Eleventh month inspections should be performed well before the home warranty expires; preferably in the ninth month. This will give you and the builder time to address those issues that developed over time once the structure has had time to be put through its paces.

Builder Inspections

Builders build to code that doesn’t necessarily translate into functionality. Failure to install flashing, complete caulking of points of intrusion, wood debris left in the crawl space or any number of things can lead to costly repairs or loss of value in the long run.

VanPort Property Inspection can help you with a ELEVENTH MONTH inspection.

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