Dry Rot Inspection

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Getting a Dry Rot Inspection

Are you getting a Dry Rot Inspection?

Getting a DRY ROT inspection through VanPort Property Inspection can help you avoid ‘surprises’ prior to your warranty expiring with the builder. These inspections help with the Pre- purchase, sale or in the event you notice a dry rot Treatment company working in the area.

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot in homes is the decay of Wood caused by Fungi. It can weaken the wood in homes and buildings that  cause structural damage.

DRY ROTS are like a cancer, they progress very slowly. If dry rot is not caught in time, it can have devastating consequences to your investment and pocket book.

In some geographical areas where climate is commonly wet, structures may show signs of Dry Rot that can be spotted by Dry Rot Home Inspectors. Structures that show signs of dry rot may cause future problems for you and your home. This home repair should be taken care of as soon as possible.

DRY ROT Inspection Advantages:

DRY ROT inspections are performed in almost all home inspections. The inspection will give you a snapshot of any potential issues and give the builder an opportunity to repair any issues found. It can also help you mitigate issues prior to selling or prior to performing any major landscaping.

DRY ROT inspections reduce the surprises that generally don’t show up until well after the sale has been completed; sometimes years. It will give you an opportunity to mitigate potential future problems and protect your investment.

If a DRY ROT issue is discovered one of the best ways to reduce the effects are to improve drainage and air circulation around and under the home. Removal of the conductive conditions can save you a lot of grief.

VanPort Property Inspection can help you with a DRY ROT Inspection.

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