Aging in Place Inspection

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Aging in Place Inspection

Aging in Place

“Aging in place” is the opportunity for seniors to live comfortably in their homes as long as possible without having to enter a care facility or live with family members; even though these may be viable options. By having your home inspected for an “aging in place” through VanPort Property Inspection  you may not have to move from your present residence to live in your home. It may also defer your need to seek support services and can enable your care givers to better manage your needs in your own home in response to life changes. Do you need an Aging in Place Inspection?

The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s Generations

As we age, there will be roughly 65-80 million by 2020. Those from the 60’s will live differently than their parents’ generation.  They will seek care in their own homes and will be less likely to move into congregate living settings because of a more active lifestyle that may not have been maintained by their parents.  They will want more amenities and probably looking at downsizing their needs earlier than their parents.

Why might you prefer to age in place?

Nursing homes are exceedingly expensive; monthly care can run from $3,000 to $7,000 per month.  This for many of us limit your ability to remain active and enjoy your lives on your own terms.

Aging-in-Place Inspections:  What do we look for?

We look at and suggest modifications to bathrooms, entryways, maintenance, counters, storage, lighting, security, non-slip flooring, stairways and windows.

If you are considering ‘age in place’:

  • Talk with family members, doctors and friends.
  • Do you want to downsize or stay put.
  • Examine your finances and income.
  • Remodel, replace or downsize before your mobility becomes an issue. If you decide to ‘age in place’ start the transition early so there won’t be a large financial impact.

In summary, aging in place is a way by which senior citizens can avoid being dependent on others due to declining health and mobility. VanPort Property Inspection can help you make an assessment.


VanPort Property Inspection can help you with an AGING IN PLACE Inspection.

Article summarized from InterNACHI Home Inspectors website  ‘Aging in Place’ by Nick Gromicko, 2015.

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